One app stuck in the oven

Hi Streamlit Community!

I am early on in my Streamlit journey trying to get to grips with it all and make beautiful apps.

Conscious that this is a regularly submitted issue/discussion, and I hope I haven’t overlooked something glaring. I know that there was a global issue with apps deploying but it seems that was resolved.

I have two apps, and while my first one is deploying fine, my latest (an experiment in using pydeck_chart) is just not loading and stuck in the oven as it were.

I can’t see any error code to indicate what I might have missed, and given that my first app is running I suspect the error lies on my side. Any assistance will be massively appreciated.

Your requirements.txt file is crammed with unnecessary packages. This is bad practice and can lead to installation issues with Streamlit Cloud, because the file was probably generated with pip freeze on your local machine and contains all pip packages you ever installed in this environment. Cleanup your requirements.txt file and try again.

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Thank you for the quick response, you’re right it was done using pip freeze. I did this after having loads of trouble setting up requirements via conda.

Just one question, you say clean up - have you any advice on identifying which packages are redundant etc? Any articles would be welcome, am just very new to deploying via Github.

You only need 3rd party packages in requirements.txt file, which you are using in your project.
For your this would be:


All further dependencies are usually resolved by the pip packet manager.

Btw, you have several requirements.txt in your github repo, this is also a source of confusion.

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Thank you so much, you were completely correct, it’s working now :))). I really spent a lot of time trying to understand the requirements file, getting wrapped up in a knot with what pip and conda were giving me. I was led to believe there were further dependencies outside of what I was calling, given that I am operating in a windows environment and Streamlit renders in Linux?

One last question (I hope you don’t mind), I became aware that multiple requirements.txt files in one repo is not good practice - would the best practice be to simply set up a new repo for each app?

Yes, I do it that way. Costs nothing and the projects are cleanly separated from each other and there is no confusion.

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really appreciate your help, thanks Franky!