App has been stuck in the oven since yesterday

I wanted to update my repo and noticed my app wasn’t running which is usually fixed by a reboot - but this time the reboot doesn’t get past the oven stage. I did a reboot yesterday and forgot about it, came back to check today and it’s still in the oven :laughing:

What I tried:

  • multiple reboots
  • add new app

Link to repo: GitHub - batmanscode/ruler: Web app to generate recommendations using association rule learning.
Link to app:

Anything I can try? Thanks!

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There was a new “app is booting” screen instead of the “four oh four” screen. Which to my disappointment didn’t load the app :laughing:


So I tried to reboot again but it’s still stuck :cry:

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I deleted the app and created a new one. It works now :smiley:!

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