App no longer exists (app was deleted)


Around noon European time today my app disappeared from my account. Initially I got an error for a few hours saying it wasn’t possible to get the user’s list of apps. Then, eventually, the page just told me the app doesn’t exist anymore, asking me to log in with a different GH account to try again.

Is there a known issue with deployments today? Any chance my app can be reinstated?


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Hi @Doggie52,

There were some minor and major incidence of outage with GitHub today and ‘maybe’ that might have affected your app.

However, if you’re still running into the same issue, please create a support case for Streamlit Community Cloud following the instructions on this link further assistance.

Thanks - the app has reappeared overnight. And thank you for that support link, I wasn’t aware of it before, I thought the main channel for support for community cloud was this forum.

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Glad to hear it’s working!

The support link is for issues related to Community Cloud; issues that are beyond troubleshooting in the forum.

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