App not updating


I’ve been having some trouble with update on my Streamlit apps. As of today, they are no longer automatic when I push changes to Git, I have to reboot the entire app (which takes ~5 minutes, and boots users off in the process). This is pretty annoying, since I’m currently trying to host exercises from a curriculum I’m running on Streamlit.

I noticed that this thread already existed a year ago, but it got no answers. I’d really appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

Hi! Could you recreate your application by deleting it and redeploying it and let us know if this issue still happens? If it does, please provide a link to the application.

Hi Alex,

Apologies for the late reply. I did indeed manage to fix the problem by deleting the apps and redeploying them. I suspect the problem might have been that I had too many apps based on the same repository (about 10-15), so I’ve now restructured my repo to make sure I have fewer apps associate with each repository.

Thank you for the quick reply!