App running in Streamlit Cloud but doesn't appear in "Your apps" dashboard


I developed a tool and it’s hosted in Streamlit Cloud.
The app is running for few months but since few weeks I figured out that my app no longer show in " Your app ".

Despite this, my app is still running and the only way to access to analytics for example is directly from the app by clicking on " Manage app " button.


I don’t remember but I think that my app is no longer in " Your App " dashboard since I rename my repository in github.

I would appreciate if someone can help to resolve this issue. Or maybe I just have to delete then create again my app but I don’t want to lose my analytics.

Thanks for support !


Streamlit Cloud does indeed have a problem when things are renamed. Can you trying putting the names back to see if it returns to your admin panel?

Thanks for your help !
I can not rename at the moment because my github URL project still need to be the same. But I will try when I can.

Sanji :slight_smile: