App fades to white blank screen in the middle of usage

I have a fairly large app, with many plots that are behind radio buttons (acting like gated tabs). At times, when I select a user_input the app just white screens and goes blank. Takes a full f5 refresh to bring it back, which starts from scratch. Any idea how I can prevent this? Or better understand what happened?


Hi @eightm

Would it be possible for you to share the code, please?


I would rather not share the code publicly, as it uses proprietary info. Are you open to doing a meeting or screen share?
I can say it’s a multipage app and the page that exhibits the white blank behavior is 8800 lines long. I can say that it’s not always repeatable, and it seems to be worse after a fresh redeployment of new code. But I have a biased perspective on that as Im constantly redeploying code.

I can also say, the last few times it has occured, it’s when I’ve selected a radio button (acting as a tab for UI and gating plotly loads) that swaps from user input forms to a series of plots that are filtered by the inputs.

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