Streamlit app goes blank, almost randomly


I have a Streamlit based chatbot -
Exact problem:
After asking 6-7 questions, the app goes completely blank, nothing on the page. This happens both in deployed version as well as local.

Things to note: my st.session_state.messages list is big, it has dataframes, charting objects etc. Could the large size be the issue? I don’t think it should be.
Anyone else who has witnessed the same behaviour or has any solutions, it would be really helpful.
Also, I have been working on this for a long time and the issue is recent (Streamlit version 1.31.1)

I also got the same issue recently. I have 4 horizontal radio buttons on a page, and sometimes the page just got blank when I click one of the radio button.

I am also not able to pin-point the failing behaviour. Do you have any API calls going out after hitting the buttons?

Hi @Manas_Swami @Streamlitftw I’m also having the same issue with both of you. When I click a radio under my st.tabs, the page goes blank and this happens very sporadically. Did you get to find any solution for this?

Nothing yet!
Seems like somewhere js is failing. Try upgrading to streamlit 1.32.2, it might fix the issue for you.

I’ve upgraded to the latest 1.34.0 and seems this error still happens. Do you think it is relevant to state sessions or caching?

fyi update: I’ve downgraded to 1.26.0 and it seems now working without any JS errors.

In my case - the problem’s source is still unknown. What i did was refactor my code, and tried to implement all solutions that i could find online (dataframe datetime column handling, removing nested containers etc). It seems stable now (v1.32.2).
Downgrading is not an option for me as I’m using some features from the newer versions of streamlit.