App unable to deploy

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I have an issue when I try to deploy my app on the community cloud. You can experience it yourself :, it has been redirecting me between and for the past 30 minutes without loading the app. I have tried to reboot and delete it multiple times but it keeps happening. Here is the link to my repository : GitHub - Titouanmendi/Adopte_un_resto: Hackaton des teams DA et fondation de Citio. Other than python 3.11.7 I don’t think that there is any requirement.
Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any error message which is why I am seeking for your help. Streamlit version is 1.30.0.
Thanks in advance !

Hi @Titouanmendi,

Thanks for posting!

Your app seems to be up and running now. Please update if you encounter any errors.

Oh what a good news ! Sorry for the disturbance