Streamlit on cloud 'App is in the oven' since 2 hours, no errors still not deployed

My app does not show any errors. Since last 2 hours, it is in deploying state showing ‘App is in the oven’
I know the information is relatively less in order to get a solution. But I have no idea why it does not throw any error yet does not get deployed.

Hi @sh4dowbyt3, welcome to the community!! :wave: :partying_face:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble deploying your app. Would you mind sharing the link to your app and GitHub repo?

Best, :balloon:

I could not share the repo or the data as it is private. However, it is done now. I had to reboot the app couple of times. Still I did not get why it was stuck the first time. Anyways…

It could be that we took a while to install all the dependencies. I asked for a link to your app so I could check our logs for the cause. Glad the issue resolved itself! :smile:

Oh that would be great if you can go through the logs. Here is the link - Streamlit

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