Audiobook Maker

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my project.

AudioBook Maker


  • PDF Preview (Page by Page)
  • Listen to generated audio file
  • Download the converted audio

Do have a look and share with your friends.


This is fantastic :smiley: ! Works super well on 2 column research papers from arxiv or nature!

How hard do you think it would be to also read EPUB and MOBI files?

Have a great day,


I am glad and happy that you liked it. It makes me feel tht this project can help a lot of people

I will try my best to add these features you suggested

Currently I wanted to add custom speech and create a playlist with all files downloaded

If you think of more features feel free to add them here or on my github issues

Once again thank you

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Love it! :balloon:

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Thank you @chris_klose