Automate ANY task with a single AI command with Streamlit

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Hi everyone!

In the LLM Community, there is a growing trend of utilizing high-powered models like GPT-4 for building platforms that tackle complex tasks. However, this approach is neither cost-effective nor feasible for many open-source community developers due to the associated expenses, inaccuracies, privacy concerns. In response, Nuggt emerges as an open-source project aiming to provide a platform for deploying agents to solve intricate tasks while relying on smaller and less resource-intensive LLMs. We strive to make task automation accessible, affordable, and secure for all developers in the community!

:link: Find Nuggt Github
:bird: Check out examples on Twitter

While our current implementation leverages the power of GPT-3.5 (already a huge reduction from the GPT-4 alternative), we recognize the need for cost-effective solutions without compromising functionality. Our ongoing efforts involve exploring and harnessing the potential of smaller models like Orca and Vicuna 13B, ensuring that task automation remains accessible to a wider audience.

:mag_right: Call for Feedback: We invite the community to try out Nuggt and provide valuable feedback. Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and any improvements you’d like to see. Your feedback will help us shape the future of Nuggt and make it something valuable to the masses.

:bulb: Contributors Wanted: We believe in the power of collaboration! If you’re passionate about automation, AI, or open-source development, we welcome your contributions to Nuggt. Whether it’s code improvements, new features, or documentation enhancements, your contributions will make a difference.

:star2: Join the Nuggt Community: Get involved, contribute, and join the discussions on our Github. We’re building a vibrant community, and we’d love to have you on board!


Hi @AayushMathur7

Nuggt looks to be a great app for using agents. The use cases explained in the Twitter thread shows great utility of the app. Would you be interested in writing a blog about this, I think it would provide more exposure to the project’s effort.

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