We built an AI BLOGGER for Streamlit Website

Lyzr Automata v0.1.2 is out now :fire:

Lyzr Automata is a sophisticated multi-agent automation framework designed to keep things simple, with a focus on workflow efficiency and effectiveness. It enables the creation of multiple agents that are coupled with specific tasks. The agents and tasks can run independently and complete the provided instructions, thus becoming stable.

What’s New? :sunny:

Agents now have memory. Thanks to LlamaIndex RAG functions.
Automata has a ‘logger’ class to view all logs in one place

Access the code :point_down:

Github: GitHub - LyzrCore/lyzr-automata: low-code multi-agent automation framework

What’s the demo?

We automated the role of AI Blogger. :flushed:

In the demo, you will see

Automata agents scrap Streamlit website
Use LlamaIndex to create indexes and the base blog article
Use Perplexity to search recent news on the blog topic
Combine all the above data to write a 1500 words blog
Publish it to dev.to

Demo Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Try Lyzr Automata and build your own #PrivateAgent

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