Basics of image processing app

hi check out my app made with @streamlit

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I look like a smurf on ‘morphological transformation’ :smiley:


The “Canny” one is fun too.

Some feedback if you will :slight_smile: :

  • Would be cool to have a description of each algorithm at the end of the app, so I know what “Morphological transform” means
  • The flashy orange background contrasts well with the picture but I had lots of trouble reading the black text. Maybe you could play with the text color of your theme to contrast with the orange (from Color wheel, a color palette generator | Adobe Color, #004FB3 could work as complementary to orange, maybe you can darken the orange a bit too beforehand)

EDIT: actually all algorithms work fine!

But wow the implementations are really cool!

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thnx @andfanilo for your valuable suggestions, i will work on it.

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