Hello Everyone Greetings from India. This is my first streamlit app please do check it out!



Hello @Daksha_Uchagaonkar welcome to the community!

I love the theming of your app, the buttons are so stylish :star_struck:

A couple little questions:

  • the image inference is super fast, I’d love some explanation of how it works underneath in another page of the app
  • how do we register to download the image?

Keep up on Streamlitin’ :muscle:

To register there is a sign up option on the navigation bar there is a drop down check it out!
Also thanks for the recommendation will surely update that!

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Just wondering what’s the registration is going to be used for? Following on from Fanilo’s question, would you be able to write up your UI styling tips too please… there are many questions about this in the forum.

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Hey @Daksha_Uchagaonkar,

First, welcome to the Streamlit community! :heart_eyes: :partying_face: :partying_face: :tada: :tada:

Your app styling is lovely! I think this is your GitHub repo?

I am going to use your app as an example when others ask how to change/adjust the UI!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Thank you @Marisa_Smith I am honored to hear that! Yup daksha-2001 is my repo. You guys can find the types of UI elements used in test.py file of this repo.
The link is shared below
Furthermore I would try to add a page where it explains the neural style algorithm which is been used in my main model. Thank you for all your positive responses.

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You could use your username and password using the signup page in my app to download the output image on your system. Also @asehmi to be honest just few months ago I was completely blank about my project. I guess to build a good UI you first need to organize your content and try to make a basic design in your mind about how it would look like. At first it wouldn’t be your best design but as time passes you will figure something out. Now coming to tips, try to provide as much space between your elements and also the less colors used, better it looks. If you need any help you could mail me at daksha.uchagaonkar@gmail.com.


That’s the right approach. Great job! There are some exciting developments in the pipe that’ll make life much easier for those who want to create beautiful apps. Persevere with your skills development as I can see Streamlit could be the go to platform for most data-centric app development in the future.

What a beautiful app Daksha!

Also, HOLY that’s some fast design inference you’re doing on the background! Is it a pre-trained CNN or a custom trained NN?


Yes @alexkingsing, I have used VGGnet here for more information you could check out videos by Andrew NG for actual working of neural style transfer algorithm which is actually used in this app.

By VGGnet you mean the pre-trained models from Keras?

@alexkingsing yess!

Hi, I want to learn the Register block design
Can you show me the username, password and the go button code?
thank you very much.

Congratulations, a nice work.