Blank screen on ios devices in streamlit 1.33.0 and 1.34.0! It works fine in version 1.32.0

My streamlit application is deployed on my server, and it works on ios devices in version 1.32.0. When I update streamlit to 1.33.0 and 1.34.0, only blank pages are displayed on all ios devices.
Is there anyone who has encountered the same situation? is there a solution?
Thank you.

I’ve tried a lot of ways:
Replace the ssl certificate.
Change the port number.
Adjust ssl_protocols to TLSv1.2.
Return to http mode.

However, it still appears blank on the ios device, even if there is only one line of code on the page: st.text (β€˜1111’). I tried it with multiple iphone.

Same problem here.

With --logger.level=debug, no log are generated when the ios device displays the blank page.

what ios version is there on your mobile? it seems to be working with version 17 but shows blank page on any version below this

I also downgraded the version to 1.32, works fine now with any IOS, thanks!