Blank screen on ios devices

Hello everyone!

Apologies if my questions is not new. I have googled a lot but I couldn’t find even a clue.

I’m getting a blank screen in my deployed streamlit app over iOS devices. IPhone 5s, for example. It is very hard to debug that because I even got a error massage. Ok for Android and PC.

The app is pretty simple. Just show a table from a filtered pandas data frame. Nothing special.

What I have done:

  • downgraded streamlit version to the oldest possible;
  • installed dependencies from pip;
  • installed dependencies from conda
  • deployed on share.streamlit
  • deployed on heroku

The strange thing is that i’m facing the same issue when try to see even the app from galery on

After days withou a single clue I decide to came an ask for you help. :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Clerisson Nascimento.