My app doesn't open in iOS when using the latest version of streamlit

Hello everyone! I have tried building my first app in deploying it into the StreamLit Cloud. The process is very simple and straightforward. But I can’t get my app to work on an iphone. I just get a blank screen. Everything works fine from a Windows client.

I have tried a few things:

  • Added port=8501 the .streamlit/config.toml file as per Blank screen on ios devices.
  • Tried disabling CORS and Xsrf protection.
  • Forked some sample apps from the gallery. The original app is working (even with iOS). When I deploy from my fork then it only works from a Windows client, but not from iOS.

Eventually I managed to get it working by downgrading to strealit==1.6 using the requirements.txt file. Not ideal.

I am curious if this is a known issue or if I am doing something wrong.

Same issue here… Here is my app but it doesn’t load on IOS (MAC or iPhone), it just shows a blank screen.


I have the same problem, for a selfhosted app on a Raspberry. Likewise, I included port=8501 in the .streamlit/config.toml file .

Still no update on this issue?