Bob Dylan songs


There’s my most time consuming project off all time.

I made streamlit app using dataset I collected.

This dataset contains songs written by Bob Dylan.

App allows You to download dataset with songs from particular album or generate wordcloud using slider.

app is on heroku:

Github repo:

Let me know what do You think :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ksawery_Lejczak, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I’m not the biggest Dylan fan, but this is a cool idea for an app! Especially in the case where his albums reflect some of the overarching issues of the time, you could possibly see that in the wordcloud.


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Thank You for opinion, I had a lot of problems with grammar because Bob uses this ramblin’ gamblin’ kind of words which is not so common, and quite hard but I think I made it quite well.
and I think that Bob songs reflect some issues of the time only in his early albums, I dont know which year but something like 1990, 1989 most frequent word is “wiggle” :slight_smile:



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