Bokeh 2.0 potentially broken in Streamlit

There is a new Bokeh release that is coming up in the near future. It is a major number release. I tried the latest dev build and Streamlit did not render my bokeh plot, and gave no errors. This github issue documents what I am referring to in a little more detail (bottom of thread).

I just thought I would bring this to the attention of you all before its release. Thanks for the great tool!


Hello @mmcguffi,

Thanks for the heads up. Under the hood Streamlit emits the bokeh chart into a JSON with bokeh.embed.json_item and then uses this JSON in bokehjs.embed.embed_item on the frontend side.

My guess is, if Bokeh on the Python side is upgraded to 2.0.0, then BokehJS on the JS side should also be 2.0.0 but I could not find a corresponding version for BokehJS to test.

I tested Python Bokeh 2.0.0rc1 and the JSON item from 1.4.0 to 2.0.0rc1 do seem to change a small bit. It’s strange BokehJS did not spit an error on loading the JSON item…The only error log I could get was :

[bokeh] JS/Python version mismatch
[bokeh] Library versions: JS (1.3.4) / Python (2.0.0rc1)

I’ll comment on your thread to see if the version mismatch could be the solution :slight_smile:

Oh, and a FR on Streamlit’s side :

Here, a codepen to test JS embedding on Bokeh 2.0.0 : there is actually an error log in the debug view : Error: property Grid.axis wasn't declared


I’m also having this issue where Bokeh chart is not showing up in the app. Any new update on this topic would be great!

Hello @likemo and welcome to the forums !

The Bokeh 2 upgrade has been merged into Streamlit 0.57. I think Streamlit before 0.57 only works with Bokeh 1.0 and Streamlit 0.57+ only works with Bokeh 2.

Could you check your Bokeh/Streamlit versions ? And if it doesn’t work though the versions are ok, could you share a snippet of code so we can reproduce on our side :slight_smile: many thanks !

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Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks to your help I was able to get it to work. Previously I was working with Bokeh 2 and Streamlit 0.56, but after upgrading Streamlit to 0.57 the Bokeh chart was able to display in the app.

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