Bug in Streamlit Community Cloud Account Management?

Hello everyone, I have about 7 projects listed in my Streamlit cloud account (password protected) and am today suddenly faced with a weird situation where:

(a) I am seeing a new (random) user account in my profile. ( I own sidPhoenix17 and drdroidlab, not paulowiz)

(b) For a project that I created 2 days ago, it says I am not the admin and have read-only access.

Since it’s mandatory to have a streamlit public app link, here’s the only one that’s public – https://alerts-demo-env-5ujgjpsyymxpzqvwsugbya.streamlit.app/ – repo on github.com is private.

Anyone has any clue on what’s happening?

Hey @siddarth_jain,

Thanks for sharing this question! Did you share an app in your Community Cloud account with paulowiz? Or did paulowiz share an app with you?

For the second issue, did you change the name of the GitHub repo associated with that app?

  1. Hey, I didn’t interact with Pauloviz in any way…

  2. Yep, I did!! How to change the GitHub link now so I can get control access again?

@Alexandru_Toader thoughts on the first issue?

@siddarth_jain please open a support ticket by following the process outlined here – our support team can delete the app for you so that you can redeploy it

Hey @Caroline , thank you – I have raised the ticket. Also, I digged a bit deeper and noticed that at some point 3 years ago, I had a shared repo with Paulowiz about 3 years ago on Github.

I have left that repo. Since my relation with that repo no more exists, would that user be disconnected from my account?

My only concern is that if I have access to that user’s public apps, the other user also has visibility on my public apps (which I would like to avoid due to privacy reasons).

Hi @siddarth_jain,

Was the shared repo connected to an app hosted on Streamlit Community Cloud? And was the repo owned by your GitHub account or the Paulowiz account?

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No, shared repo not connected to any Streamlit app. Shared repo was owned by Paulowiz.

@Alexandru_Toader any thoughts on this?

Can you direct this questions to the community? I have hard time knowing how to post a questions to the community:

Can anyone help how to save data to cloud after successful connection. Here is my code snippet of trying to save .csv file to google cloud storage after successful connection.

conn = st.connection(‘gcs’, type=FilesConnection)

df = conn.read(“hw3_bucket2/myfile3.csv”, input_format=“csv”, ttl=0)


Creating the first Dataframe using dictionary

new_data = {‘username’: [‘value1’], ‘password’: [‘value2’]}

new_df = pd.DataFrame(new_data)

df2 = pd.concat([df, new_df], ignore_index=True)

@data.student Please create that as a new post, since that’s unrelated to the original question here. Here is a guide about posting in the forum Using Streamlit: how to post a question in the Streamlit forum

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@siddarth_jain for the project that you created a few days ago, did you change the user name or the repository name? Did you delete the repository by any chance and redeployed?

Does the repository from which the app is deployed belong to siphoenix17 or drdroidlab?

Hi @Alexandru_Toader, sorry for being MIA last couple of days. I have sent details on the other thread where you pinged me.

  1. Yes I did change the repo name for one of the projects, which caused the “read-only” issue.
  2. The repos belong to DrDroidLab.


  1. I am not seeing the 3rd user (paulowiz) in my account anymore.

Thanks for all the support. cc: @Caroline