Building Doc Smilar to Streamlit's

Hey everyone.
I am new to docs and Streamlit’s docs is awesome. I have investigated the docs folder in github of Streamlit and saw that all *md which is great.
Can anyone point me to right direction for creating a readthedocs page using the streamlit’s theme and style? If I cannot find any help, I will just start to change from Streamlit’s docs.
(But I can’t even build from the folder. If I use sphinx-quickstart, make html works, but I don’t know how to build from a copied folder.)

Hi @Berk_Demir -

For the most part, our documentation isn’t that customized, which I think is good in your case! It should be the case that you can do the following:

At that point, you should be pretty close to having your documentation set up. From the docs folder, you should be able to run something like make html to have Sphinx generate the pages, and then start a webserver to view the docs.