Can I get a copy of the SOC 2 report to provide to our security team?

Hi Team!

We’re very interesting in using Streamlit Cloud.

Our security team has asked for a contact email and for a copy of the SOC 2 report.

Is that possible?

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Ping @randyzwitch :slight_smile:

Hi James - since the merger with Snowflake we are no longer providing an Enterprise Cloud and instead are working on a way to create a way to deploy, manage, and collaborate on your Streamlit apps within the Snowflake platform – which will inherit all the great security and governance they have built there. We are a few months away from previewing that joint product, but if you want to go to Streamlit and Snowflake and we’ll let you know when that product is ready to use.

We will also continuing to support and grow the open source product and the Community Cloud as a way of providing Streamlit users a free way to get started with Streamlit and share their work with the world, but this is targeted at community use cases as opposed to business ones.