Can the Developer receive notifications when data updates?

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I’m working on a small booking form and I’d like to be able to recieve a notification when a booking is made. I’ve thought about using some kind of email to myself, but this isn’t viable in my specific usecase. Has anybody done this before? Is there a way to get a notification from the app itself, or maybe from github?

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By “get a notification from the app itself,” you mean something like this?

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If this will get sent to my email or notify me via my streamlit-cloud account then yes. If it’s just displaying this on the front end then it’s not what I’m looking for. Sorry if it was unclear, I though the example of getting an email in the original post would have clarified my intention.

I feel confused. Didn’t you say that would not be viable in your specific use case?

I don’t think streamlit cloud can do that.

I feel confused again. Why would displaying it in the streamlit cloud dashboard or your email client work but displaying it somewhere else wouldn’t?

Sorry, we’re obviously at cross purposes which is my fault, please excuse me.

Getting an email is possible, but using my orgs email (or a third party email provider) to send the email isn’t possible for me.

I want to get sent a message when the data is updated. I don’t want that message to display to the front end user, I want it to come to me somehow. So If I’m out in the world not at my computer managing the app, and someone uses it, my phone will ping with either an email or a push notification to tell me that the form has been filled in.

I really hope this is clear enough.

You may find something suitable in this article I found:

Thank you so very much. This is really kind.