Can't deploy FbProphet based program in streamlit

I created a program using FbProphet module. I was able to deplot in on local server via streamlit on Google Colab.
But when I’m trying to deploy on Streamlit Share, there is an error. The client isn’t able to download and install the FbProphet module.

What is the error message?
And better yet, give us the link to your Github repo.

Thanks for the help. I managed to make it work by adding Pystan== in the requirements.txt file above Fbprophet and redeploying the web app
The problem was that Fbprophet requires pystan module for compiling the wheel file by calling Pystan. But in >3.0.0 versions of pystan, it is imported as “stan” which is why I was getting the error.
My deployed application can be found here:

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