Unable to Install a few Pip Dependecies on Streamlit Sharing [Solved-Ignore]

Hello Developers, I recently Deployed an application on Streamlit’s Sharing platform, it was flawless and easy. but, today after revising the application I added a few new features along with Facebook’s Prophet model (fbprophet), So as usually I Updated the requirements.txt with fbprophet and pystan which is a major dependency for fbprophet. after committing the changes and pushing them to the repository, I rebooted the application from the manage app hoping that all the requirements will be installed. But, It seems like pystan or fbprophet any of the two is not installed properly leading it to a failure. I hope you guys can Help me on this. Here is the logfile

[Update] The problem is Solved now,
It seems like it wasn’t a dependency issue, but something else

This was the Error I got, it was resolved after I deleted a decorator line st.cache(persist=True) on a function in which I was predicting using the prophet models which are the arguments for that function.