Cannot get my app that uses fbprophet to deploy on

I am trying to deploy a streamlit app to streamlit share, however the client cannot build the wheel for pystan or fbprophet. I see that this is a duplicate issue on here, however none of the fixes worked for me so far. Here is the link to the repo that I am trying to launch. My current requirements.txt file is as follows:


Hi @MaxAcheson, welcome to the Streamlit community!

fbprophet is a weird package, in that it tries to call a subprocess during its installation, which sometimes works but often breaks. In this case, it’s trying to use numpy before it exists.

One hack you can use is to create an environment.yml file and delete your requirements.txt file:

  - conda-forge
  - numpy
  - pip
  - pip:
    - yfinance==0.1.59
    - streamlit==0.82.0
    - pystan==
    - plotly==4.14.3
    - fbprophet==0.7.1

While it doesn’t seem like this should be different, in this case conda will solve for the conda requirements first, then install the pip requirements. So numpy will be available before fbprophet wants to use it.

Separately, it’s highly unlikely that you want to use a version of streamlit as old as you are specifying. Given that we’re on version 1.10.0 or so, you’re missing at least a year of bug improvements, features, and performance updates.