Change color of sub text of st.button


I want to hide sub text in st.button as I need the same text for multiple st.button on the app

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

F':pink[function_name] - Try Me!

Basically I need the pink sub text to be invisible for user but unique as element key
In version 1.20.0 it was working on 1.22.0 it show all the text with same color

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What was working in version 1.20.0? Your code snipped isnโ€™t even valid python. And what do you mean by "sub text "? Do you expect that making it pink will also make it invisible?

Regarding โ€œit show all the text with same colorโ€, this is what the 1.20.0 docs on markdown have to say about colored text:

  • Colored text, using the syntax :color[text to be colored], where color needs to be replaced with any of the following supported colors: blue, green, orange, red, violet.

It is exactly the same for 1.22.0.

In 1.20.0 it was making the inside of invisible

That was probably a bug that has been fixed.

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