Chat GeoParT - a Jeopardy style trivia game with questions and answers generated by ChatGPT

Hi guys,

I built a fun little project (called Chat GeoParT and pronounce Chat JeoparTy) to test a few features of the custom component I recently shared called streamlit-reveal-slides.

Basically, you enter 6 categories and a slide deck is created with content generated by ChatGPT (GPT 3.5 turbo to be exact). The slides contain links that take you to the next slide in this Jeopardy-style trivia game.

Note 1: This app requires an Openai API key + org.
Note 2: Once slides are generated, you can click anywhere on slide and press F on your keyboard for the full screen experience. Then click the text in yellow to progress to the next slide in the game.

GameChat GeoParT

For the curious, the code is available here:


Hi everyone,

Ive moved the app to a new and simpler subdomain. You can find the app at

Component Demo

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Hi @bouzidanas

That’s a super cool app that you’ve built! Big kudos!

Best regards,

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I honestly wish I had more time I could devote to it because I have some ideas (daily double, ways to improve question/answer formatting, a visual timer, and maybe some AI generated music). Maybe sometime in the future.

Whoa, some really exciting stuff, looking forward to it!

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