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Hi everyone,

I have 2 custom components to share and a package of mini-components and functions

  • streamlit-code-editor : PostPYPIGithubDocsDemo
    Essentially a code editor component based on Ace Editor that is customized and extended with Streamlit in mind. Two custom themes (light, dark) were created to change the appearance of the editor to be closer to Streamlit’s own code block (font, line spacing, tokenization and coloring, etc) as well as to incorporate elements of streamlit app’s theme. On top of this, this code editor allows you to add optional elements like buttons, an info/status bar, and a menu bar.

    Markdown Composer is a Streamlit app that uses streamlit-code-editor. Post

  • streamlit-reveal-slides : PostPYPIGithubDemo
    A component that generates reveal.js HTML presentations from markdown or markup. The generated presentation is then embedded into your Streamlit app for full-featured use. You can run the presentation right from inside your app in embedded mode or fullscreen mode. This component is bidirectional allowing your Streamlit app to control/change the presentation but also allowing your app to respond to changes in the presentation.

    Chat GeoParT is a Streamlit app that uses streamlit-reveal-slides. Post

  • streamlit-float : PostPYPIGithubDemo
    A simple python package that provides functions that allow you to target containers (like st.columns and st.container) with CSS with the main feature being the ability to fixed the position of containers with respect to the viewport (causing them to appear as if they are floating). The package provides multiple ways to achieve this with the simplest being as easy as calling the float function on a container (example: my_container.float()). Additionally, this package also provides access to mini-components like Float Box and Float Dialog.

Let me know if I am missing anything or if any of the links/apps are broken.