Chat with Your Database Using GenAI!

Hello Streamlit Community! :robot:

Excited to unveil Mowze – your new way to interact with databases, powered by GenAI! For a quick overview including the video, check out this demo.

What’s Mowze?
A chatbot that connects to your database and transforms your plain language queries into SQL. Created SQL code is then executed in the database and a response is generated based on the result. No SQL expertise needed, no additional tools required!

Why Mowze?

  • Simplicity: Just type your questions in everyday language.
  • Intelligence: GenAI takes care of the complex SQL part.
  • Convenience: No installation, immediate results.

Special Perk!
My recommended sample model (GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k) doesn’t require OpenAI key – at least until you hit the $10 mark in usage! :sweat_smile:

Your Turn!
Give Mowze a try here, and share your thoughts!

Looking forward to your feedback!


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