QueryKing: An open source SaaS solution to solve your SQL questions


Recently, I was working for a client who requested me to create an end-to-end product for automating market research done by their product team.

While working on the project, I realized🤔 that unlike me a lot of product managers come from non-tech backgrounds and struggle😪 with crafting SQL queries. Hence, I spent the last couple of days building a solution to mitigate this

Hence, over the last couple of days, I stiched together an open-source application using Streamlit and GPT3 that lets anyone input a question with the table scheme and get the SQL query.

I would be adding more features🤩 and improving the UI💻 on the go.


Relevant Links

:link:Try out the product: https://queryking.streamlit.app/

:link:Source Code: GitHub - smaranjitghose/QueryKing: A minimalistic application to generate SQL queries using Generative AI built with Python and Streamlit

Do give it a try. No registration📜 or API key🗝️ is needed. Completely free😎 to try out!

Looking forward to your feedback :speaking_head:

PS: Do give it a :sparkles: on GitHub if you enjoyed using it.
:hugs: Feel free to contribute to the project using the Issues Tab

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