ChatGPT based Study Planner

Guys I have come up with a ChatGPT based web application which recommends the study plan along with the study resources one can refer to for their studies.

It will help people from different backgrounds who are looking forward to changing their functional domain and industry , therefore, they might have to study multiple subjects from scratch, wherein they will have to refer to multiple resources with a hell lot of confusion on where to begin with.

This web application has been developed keeping the above scenario in mind.

Please let me know if it can be helpful to you all.


GPT based Study Planner


Hi @nikhiljha97

Thanks for sharing your app! Itโ€™s a very creative way to study!

I notice that thereโ€™s a background picture at the bottom, which makes it difficult to read the text from the generated study plan. Would you like to make the image more translucent with the white background, which would help with readability.

Thanks again!


Thanks for this feedback @dataprofessor
I tried changing the css attribute opacity, but it changes the opacity of the entire page as you can see, which makes the webpage look very bland.

So now the question arises on how to solve the above problem? any ideas/suggestions you might have in mind ?

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Hi the easiest is to modify the background image directly and reupload the adjusted image to the repo again.


Great app! Thanks for sharing it with us! :slight_smile:



You can try or to convert the image into one with a transparent background


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