Check out the amazing entries to the Connections Hackathon!

We received so many awesome entries to our recent Connections Hackathon. Check out the winners and some of our other favorites below!


Gerard Bentley’s OpenAI Embeddings Connection

Phillip Vollet’s Weaviate Connection

Mark Silverberg’s Airtable Connection

Pedro Toledo’s Chrome Connection

Putu Widyantara Artanta Wibawa’s CockroachDB Connection

A selection of other entries we loved :heart_eyes:

Tony Hollaar’s The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Public Data API Connection

Eliot Lee’s Pinecone Connection

Diego Carpintero’s NewsAPI Connection

Siddhant Sadangi’s Supabase Connection

Cole McIntosh’s Supabase Connection

Maciej Obarski’s Redis Connection

Jin Jin’s Kaggle API Connection

Anthony Cusimano’s Supabase Connection

Sampath Kumar Mummaneni’s Jira Cloud API Connection

Oleksandr Arsentiev’s Kaggle API Connection

Samuel Bancroft’s Wandb Connection

Jay Pinho’s Supabase Connection

Mohamed Loutt Horma Babana’s Kaggle Connection

Jan Krol’s Qdrant Vector DB Connection

Ashton Sidhu’s Elasticsearch API Connection

Minh Vu Quang’s ChromaDB Connection

Moris Doratiotto’s MongoDB Connection

Benjamin Senst’s Milvus Connection

Ddhruv Arora’s MongoDb Connection

Built a Connection that you’d like to share? Post it in this thread!


Here’s my connection for Supabase DB and Storage
New component: Streamlit Supabase Connector :tada: - :jigsaw: Streamlit Components - Streamlit

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Here is my experimental connection on checking Air Quality details using AirNow API
#Happy_STREAMLITING :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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