Check release notes in pypi

version 1.24 was released in pypi the date “Jun 27, 2023”.

Same date appears in the changelog.

But in fact, the changelog was not updated until today (“Jun 28, 2023”)

How can i check the release notes for the current release, at “pypi release time”.
In github i couldn’t find nothing.

Appart from this,
where can i check the pre-release notes for 1.25? (even if they evolve)


There was an announcement in the forum on Jun 27. There is also the releases page in github, I think it is updated automatically when the pypi package is published but I don’t know for sure.

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Hi @iuiu! :wave:

The releases on GitHub that @Goyo pointed out will be where you can see automatically generated release notes when a PyPi release happens. The changelog on the documentation site is a manual update that happens very soon after that PyPi release. (We then manually update the GitHub release notes to be prettier.)

We don’t publish any pre-release notes explicitly, but you can always look at Pull Requests in GitHub and see what has been merged into the develop branch. There is also streamlit-nightly (visible on GitHub via tags) where you can see the daily snapshot of Streamlit as it it developed between releases.

If you want to see what has been merged since a the last version, you can run a comparison on GitHub. You can compare the current nightly tag to the tag of the last release.

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