Why does the change log always come after the release of the software?

It is very unusual that the change log is published only with quite a time delay. Using the new version without the corresponding release documentation is clearly a risk for users. A more sensible approach would be to first publish the release note and then the new software version.

Hey @wwe,

Thanks for flagging this. This is the best place to view our changelog, and Iโ€™m under the impression it is almost always updated immediately upon release (please correct me if Iโ€™m wrong).

It happened again: The announcement mail for release 1.26.0 came on August 24 at 23:22. However, the latest entry on the changelog website (Changelog - Streamlit Docs) is still version 1.25.0.

Hey @wwe, version 1.26.0 has been added to the changelog. It was updated about 7 hours ago.

Update: the changelog is actually published along with the release on GitHub โ€“ check it out here!

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Hi @wwe :wave:

If you want access to the release notes at the time of the binary release, please check our GitHub releases where we autogenerate release notes:

We use the auto-generated release notes to curate (a day later) a more user-friendly changelog on our docs website.

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