Click events on map

Hi, I’m trying to add an interactive map to my dashboard.
The idea is to be able to click on points in the map and update some other plots depending on what I selected. I didn’t find how to capture these events (or any other map events) on Streamlit.
Is there some way of doing this?

I’m using plotly mapbox maps but I’m ok if I have to use other kind of map.


Hi @nvaras,

Currently, it is not possible to have any interaction with the map … The react-map-gl component used is a StaticMap, therefore it is not possible to capture any interaction with the map.
So far the only interactivity you add to your map might be with setting


I hope it helped.

I am looking for this feature aswell, has any developments made this possible in the meantime (for maps and charts)?

Hey @bartvanes - this is not yet supported in Streamlit, unfortunately.

But! We have an upcoming plugins feature (discussed on the Streamlit 2020 Roadmap) that will let anyone write their own frontend component that integrates with Streamlit, which will make building this sort of thing much more straight-forward.