Codeformatter : a streamlit app to format SQL, JSON and JavaScript code. 🎈

Hey everybody ! This is a new streamlit app that is quite dear to me.

My friends always wanted to format their code but didn’t like the way BigQuery, vscode or other apps would do. They end up using dedicated websites (along with crohn converters)
So i created this open source app to enable anyone to create his style and use this app to format it at will (sqlfluff style).

What the app does:
β†’ You write your code, it recognizes the language and it formats it.

I’m planning to add many more languages such as Python and Go… Feel free to add your feedbacks

Here’s the source code in github .


Very nice app, @idrisschebak !
Support for more languages would be perfect.

I’m looking forward to that

Thanks a lot Ayoub!! defo planning to add go, python and jinja sql :smile: