🗞️ Weekly roundup: App showcases, color theme editors, LaTeX longtable generators, and more!

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! :wave:

3/13/23- 3/19/23
Issue - V143
Current Release: 1.20.0

Every week we’ll share community-driven apps and articles that were shared with us during the previous week as well as any major announcements from Streamlit. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in a comment or @ us on Twitter!

  • :newspaper: = articles
  • :tv: = videos
  • :balloon: = apps
  • :jigsaw: = components

:new: Updates

  • :balloon: Come join us! The Streamlit data science team is hiring a new manager. :partying_face:
  • :sparkles: Check out our new TikTok channel.
  • :star_struck: #30DaysofStreamlit is now available in Chinese.
  • :tada: Streamlit officially has over 100k developers! Thanks for being such an awesome community. :heart:

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