Translate English to Code

Translate English to SQL and Pandas for data analytics based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 Codex with this app:


Happy to hear your feedback, questions or ideas how to develop this further (e.g. upload actual data and run queries).


That’s a great app @kinosal

Thanks for sharing🎈

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thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.

Nice. I specified two tables (traffic, sites) and asked it to get pageviews between 10 and 100, grouped by site. Columns were specified using 'table.column (type)' notation. The SQL generation worked. Pandas not so much.

@kinosal @asehmi @akshanshkmr @alexsunny123 I have built a streamlit app using GPT-3, using SQLite as backend to log all the interactions with GPT-3, The SQL flavor is targeted for SQLite database, so the generated query can be validated right away.

The github link is GitHub - wgong/gpt3sql: use GPT3 to generate SQL from text
Love to hear your feedback

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