Compile to Standalone application

I know this may seem trivial to some users; however, one thing I would really see is the ability to convert the streamlit dashboard to run as a standalone application inside your default browser. In other words, instead of having to run through a command line (streamlit run, have an executable a non-technical user can click on and view/run the dashboard.

I work in a company where a large portion of users are non-technical and there isn’t funds to establish an internal webserver so this would be incredibly useful.

Hi @AteBitHavoc -

Occasionally, you’ll see people try to wrap Streamlit in an Electron app or use PyInstaller…usually without a lot of success. But I do think it’s possible to go that route, so if you try it and figure it out, I’m sure the community would love a tutorial :slight_smile:


You could create a bat file in windows
write the following lines

@echo off
call activate name_of_your_conda_environment
cd c:\where_your_python_file is
streamlit run
call conda deactivate

create a shortcut for this on the desktop
You can even assign an icon for this
Once you click the icon the streamlit app should run on your default browser

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Hi, thanks for the reply but a .bat file assumes that you have a python environment installed on the machine that is going to use the streamlit app on. My users won’t have that…

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