Deploying a single page app for informal use - What are the steps?

I wrote my very first Streamlit+Python program; I can’t believe how simple it was to produce a very usable UI.

The program simply gets an input from the user on the side panel in a dropdown and executes a corresponding SQL statement against SQL Server and renders the results in a chart and/or a grid.

At this time, it is only a proof of concept and a learning exercise in a Test environment. So I don’t want to deploy this as a formal web application on IIS or publish it in GitHub etc.

If I want to execute the application only by issuing this command - streamlit run - on a different server, where Python is installed, but does not have internet access, what should I do? What are the files I should copy from the test server over to production server?

Thank you.

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Hi @madras -

Glad to hear of your success with Streamlit!

The biggest thing you’ll need to make sure by moving this app to another server is that the packages are available on that server. Since it’s not connected to the internet, you’ll have to either copy the packages there yourself or ask your IT dept. In some cases, companies do maintain a self-hosted PyPI instance for non-internet-connected servers, so if your company does that then things might just work for you.