Conflicting emails error, but where to contact support?


I’ve gotten the conflicting email error. It says “contact support team” but the link just redirects me to Snowflake…

Help, how can I get my account back??

Snowflake owns Streamlit. Snowflake support can help if your Streamlit Community Cloud account has become tangled.

How to submit a support case for Streamlit Community Cloud

Thanks for the quick reply and the link! However, I’m afraid the instructions in the link are outdated. There is no ‘Not a member’ button present which makes me unable to contact support. So, I’m still stuck and unable to reach my apps in the Streamlit Cloud…

Thanks for letting me know. You can use the “Create an account” button at the top of the Snowflake community site.

Once you have an account, click “Support” at the top and you can see and open cases from there.

I’ve added a task for myself to go through the process and update those instructions. Let me know if you’re still stuck reaching Snowflake support before then. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for the fast replies!

For my particular case I’ve found the solution now without contacting support :slight_smile:

I removed Streamlit access to my Github on Github and then logged in via gmail instead of GitHub on the streamlit cloud. Thanks!


Great! And thanks for posting your solution to provide hints for the next person who encounters this.

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