Lost access to streamlit cloud - can't contact support

Hi! Hello everyone, hope you are well.

Saturday I lost access to Streamlit Cloud, since there, can’t contact Streamlit Support, nobody answer

@randyzwitch Can you please help me?
Already try contact with Streamlit Team in every platform (e-mail, discord and fórum) but nobody answer me :frowning:

Really need access to my applications.

Hey there @Guilherme_Hungaro! Can you share the email address you used to email support? I’ll look it up and make sure you receive a response.

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Hi Caroline!! Sure!!!

Hi @Caroline @randyzwitch !
Still getting the error. Could you please check if it’s all right ?

The e-mail it’s dev@wizzioficial.com

Hi @Guilherme_Hungaro,

I see your email now. Our support emails are answered during business hours, so emails sent on the weekend will get a response on Monday. I just responded to your email.

I also noticed you mentioned using this app for clients – I wanted to note that Streamlit Community Cloud is meant to serve as a free community resource for users getting started with Streamlit. We don’t recommend it as an enterprise business solution. Hosting your app with a different platform might be a better fit for this use case.

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