Connection error Connection failed with status 0.

hi. I wrote a small application on streamlit. Everything works locally on my machine. When I fill in my code and run it and go to the web interface streamlit connects to the server and crashes with an error:
“Connection error Connection failed with status 0.”
has anyone encountered such a problem?

Hey @Ilya_Sergeev,

Can you share a link to your deployed app and GitHub repo so we can try to reproduce this issue?

I have the same problem, but for me it intermittently happens when I leave the app open and inactive for long time (over night for example). I get this same error and the app stops working (need to refresh)… not a major,but annoying user experience.
My app is deployed in Azure as AppService.

We had the same problem with an internal deployment and cleaning the browser data (Edge browser: history-> clear browsing data), we fixed the problem.