Connection hackathon hoodie stuck at Indian Customs | No bill attached with parcel


I participated in the Streamlit Connections Hackathon - for which I was going to receive a hoodie - It was sent - but it is held at customs because there was no invoice/bill present with the package.

FedEx will start billing me from tomorrow;-; if I don’t produce the bill. It would be helpful if someone from Streamlit / Snowflake could help me sort this out

I had initially sent a message on Discord - but then I came across a message which stated that the Discord server is maintained by the community - and that we should post on the forum if we want to contact the staff.

Regardlessly, I have also DMd carolinefrasca on discord regarding the issue. It’d be super helpful if someone from snowflare / streamlit can look into this!

Hey @phbtr

I’ll notify our team internally about this and hopefully it could be sorted out. Can you DM me your full name and email address so that we can look into this.

Best regards,

Hi, how do we create a DM on this platform?

Hi, is your name Lata? Have received an email from the official Streamlit account which we are sorting out with.

DM can be sent directly on this platform, just click on the user profile and then click on Message.

Hey @phbtr,

Our team has emailed you a copy of the invoice that can be shared with FedEx. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I, too, participated in the Streamlit Connections Hackathon and was going to receive a hoodie for the same but I’ve received a message, WhatsApp and email asking me to register my KYC and aadhar card details on this website: from a Messager name of AD-KYCREM. Is this legitimate and is it in regard with the Streamlit Connections hoodie?

Can you please provide more incite into how the customs and delivery of the hoodie will work? Would I have to share my sensitive details such as KYC and aadhar card?


Yes, i too have recieved the message and its genuine. You need to verify your kyc by any official document and a FedEx executive will contact you at the earliest

Okay, thank you for your reply.

Yes, the KYC process is through FedEx and is legitimate. Please let me know if you have any other questions.