Contributing to Streamlit - Any existing Docker image for development?

Hi Streamlitians,

I would like to contribute to this awesome project. Before I set up my own development environment according to Contributing 路 streamlit/streamlit Wiki 路 GitHub, is there any existing image on Docker Hub that is being maintained by the core developers that I can already use?

If not, what about the idea of creating one? I believe that any effort in lowering the initial barrier to start working on the code would attract many more contributions from the community.


Hi @fanurs,

Thanks so much for sharing this question! The best way to contribute to the Streamlit library is actually via custom components, which enable community developers to extend the functionality of the core Streamlit library.

Infact what if i want to propose a change in core , there is no rules and guidelines for pull requests . Who doesnt like free work?

I think it is clearly explained in the wiki. What kind f rules and guidelines are you missing?

So Sorry , I looked for it everywhere except the link mentioned above.