Convert Streamlit App to shareable local Application

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to accomplish a Streamlit-Application, which can be shared by a local server, so it can be used on any PC without having to install Python.

I’ve tried to use Pyinstaller to convert the app to an .EXE-File, which would have been the best solution for me, but it didn’t work out quite as i wanted it to.

I’ve already deployed the App on Streamlit Share by using the File_Uploader, but due to security reasons, it’s impossible to access local files, which is a feature I’d like to use.

Here is the link to my repository and to my WebApp:

PS: Don’t mind the “Old_Files”-Directory.

Is there currently any way to reach my goal?

Thank you for sharing your approach ideas.

Hi @szlabingerVA, welcome to the Streamlit community!

If you’ve already tried PyInstaller, then I’m not sure there are too many more things to suggest. In general, we’ve focused on the web app portion, creating executables isn’t something we’re likely to focus on.