Introducing CoViz : My first Python Web App that provides live Visual Analysis of Coronavirus data from around the World.
Built using Streamlit Framework, Plotly & Pandas.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to Thank all the Intelligent Inventors & Developers of the Open Source Softwares & the supportive knowledge-sharing Open Source Community…

I warmly welcome your feedbacks, suggestions & new feature requests…!!!

Thanks & Regards,
Sri Lakshmi


This is great!

Is the code available at all?


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Nice @srilakshmi :slight_smile: well structured, easy to browse, lots of info, I like it a lot !

A few pointers you can look at :

  • There may be too many colors going on. For example, I don’t think there’s a need add color to the bar charts in the “Current apps” as it adds no information, and I’d try to stick to one color palette for all the charts in the “Top 10”/“New Cases” page. In “Your Country” page, since you are mixing Plotly and Altair, I’d give a “plotly_white” template to Plotlty so everything has a nice white bagckground look.
  • I have no idea how the “Past pattern of” charts in “Past Patterns” page work on the xAxis :confused: maybe you could add a small description under the sticky header for each page, and another page with a global explanation

But you know what ? Your dashboard has convinced me to give Plotly another chance ! I usually go for Altair but the horizontal bars in “New cases” are looking great :slight_smile:

Thanks for the share,


Hi @andfanilo ,

Thank you very much for your encouraging words…!!!

In Top 10 Pages,I had not used Altair explicitly…But I used streamlit’s default bar chart to plot.
That’s why I was not able to customise the x-axis or give it any label. There is no option to customise Streamlit’s default charts. I just fed the dataframe & Streamlit automatically plotted the chart for me . I really liked the fact that Streamlit can automatically plot from data, but if we could customise the chart, it would be even better.

Do we have sticky header option in Streamlit …?Could you tell me how to add sticky Header…?

I will add plotly_white template, I am actually new to both plotly & streamlit…
I found Plotly to be a good combo with Streamlit…!!!

Hey, actually Streamlit default charts are Altair plots underneath, so if you want to customise them you’re actually better off creating Altair charts like here and here :wink:

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Oh I see… I actually didn’t meant to use Altair… I really liked the simplicity of Streamlit charts…
Thanks for the information by the way…!!!

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