Covid Streamlit example Demo

Hello everybody,

Using my time during the confinement to discover Data Science, I wrote my first Streamlit app to share my tests on this page :[] . It’s just a little app to follow the Covid particularly in France but I added the rest of the world. I tried to test prediction with the ARIMA model and to create a DB stored on MongoDB scrapping french site to propose a Sentiment Analysis.

I’m really impressed by the ease of use of the API and little stuff like the progress bar which provide a really look nice.


Hello @cloud, welcome to the forum !

Would love to check your app (because…well I live in France ahah) but got the Firefox T-rex

Oh strange, I just tried without problem. The redirection 80->8501 worked looking your screen. Maybe have you got a proxy blocking the 8501 port ?

Yeah you’re right, firewall acting weird, works well XD thx

@cloud Nice app! Even with very poor French, I can follow the app and the conclusions, which is great :slight_smile: Also I haven’t seen an app doing sentiment analysis before on covid hashtags, that was interesting.

One small layout point. In the Sentiment Analysis Test I at first thought that it wasn’t working because everything I was entering was ‘Sentiment : Positif’ which is the default. To make it clearer you could have put that in Markdown with the phrase I entered above so that it says "Sentiment for is Positive,’ that way it would be clear that it ran every time.

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@Amanda_Kelly Thank you very much for your feedback. I’m totally agree, I have changed like you said and I think it’s clearer. By default, if the size of the input is 0, the answer is now different.
Thank you again.

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Hello, congratulations on the app, could you share the code?

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Thank you @Meiker_Lazo_Colonio. Maybe I’ll share it later when I’ll have more time but you can already find a big part of the code (different analysis and prediction) on my blog :

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Thanks you @cloud.

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@cloud could you share source code. I’m also working on some dashboard which needs multiple pages. Couldn’t figure out how it would work. It’d be a great help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @sahil,

Just like that

def main():
    page = st.sidebar.selectbox("Menu",["Etat actuel en France", "Etat actuel dans le monde"])

    if page == "Etat actuel en France":
    elif page == "Etat actuel dans le monde":

def loadFrance():
def loadMonde():
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@cloud yea figured out. thanks :slight_smile: