Multi-Page Covid-19 Dashboard

Hey everyone - I am a newbie to Streamlit and wanted to share a multi-page Covid-19 dashboard. Can’t get enough of Streamlit, it’s outstanding.

I integrated Plotly and used various widgets to allow bespoke analysis. Wanted to encourage interactivity and discovery with the data.

Here’s to many more apps to come. :slight_smile:

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Hey @honan, cool app! I really like the time series animation in particular.

I’m a Streamlit newbie too. Some things I’ve picked up that may be helpful for you:

  1. I see you’re using plotly. Use use_container_width=True when you plot. That’ll make it fit the screen instead of you having to scroll horizontally to see it in smaller windows. (At least, I know this works with plotly express, which is what you should probably be using in Streamlit)
  2. Not sure if you’ve viewed your app with the dark theme enabled, but the text in the table on the About page is very difficult to read. I suggest changing the formatting so it looks good in both the light and dark themes, which you’ve accomplished nicely on all other plots. (Since Streamlit doesn’t allow us to force a user to use a certain theme, or even set a default theme - yet - if someone who has a dark mode device opens your app, the table won’t look great) Alternatively, you could just use st.dataframe().

Happy coding!

Awesome tips! Many thanks @adenhaus

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